AGM Provides Spray Booth Calibration Certification Free Of Charge With Service

February 28, 2012

Health and Safety law requires spray booth equipment to be calibrated at least every 14 months. AGM can provide this service for customers and all certification required for audit is provided free of charge after servicing and tests have been carried out.

This includes:

Although ideally done at time of service, these can also be carried out at separate intervals throughout the year to suit the customer.

In addition to providing these certificates for service work, AGM store all documents electronically providing an extensive historical record of works carried out for each customer, enabling us to provide at short notice copies of spray booth calibration and COSHH certification should you have an impromptu visit from the HSE or motor manufacturer auditor.

With AGM as a spray booth service provider, customers can rely on an efficient service which ensures that certification is sent out as quickly as possible to ensure that any spray booth or ancillary equipment is audit ready. Contact us to request a site visit.



Written by FireCask