AGM Services can offer you expert advice on spray booth spare parts or innovative equipment upgrades that can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your spray booth oven, reduce cycle times and increase productivity to give you a rapid return on your investment.

Energy prices, already at their highest level for years, are set to keep on rising for the foreseeable future. As a result, profit margins are under increasing pressure and businesses across vast industries are in fierce competition with each other. Which is why more and more businesses are looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

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You will also receive a free survey of your spray booth equipment, where we offer expert advice on your existing equipment as well as guidance on whether or not you need to upgrade. It is our goal to improve your energy efficiency and enhance your production processes.

Our Spray Booth Equipment Upgrades include:

LED spray booth lights upgrade

LED lighting increases the LUX levels within the spraybooth using the same number of light fittings. AGM’s replacement lighting systems are designed to output between 1,000 LUX and 1,500 LUX depending on customers specific requirements. LED lights offer a cost saving of 60% when compared to equivalent fluorescent lighting. LED lighting also maintains consistent lighting levels which satisfy motor manufacturer approvals.

Learn more about spray booth lighting here. You can also download our retrofit LED lighting installations brochure here.

Junair QADs Auxiliary Air Movement System

QADs, developed by Junair Spraybooths is an advanced auxiliary air movement system proven to reduce energy costs by up to 40% and also reduce process times by 35%. The system works by accelerating air movement and supplying heated and filtered airflow from the corners of the spraybooth, the system also provides an even air temperature within the spray booth. QADs can be retro-fitted to any make or model of spray booth.

Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives work by reducing the airflow through the cabin which means lower fuel and electricity costs. You don’t need 100% airflow when the booth is standing idle for instance or when vehicles are being loaded and unloaded. The variable speed drives are fully automatic, requiring no operator selection so the energy savings are guaranteed.When combined with QADs, Variable Airflow can save 65% of spray booth energy costs.

Here’s how you could benefit from an AGM Services contract

As part of our many service & maintenance solutions, an AGM Services contract is an effective, reliable, and cost-efficient way to prevent the halt of production caused by faulty or broken spray booth equipment.

Our guidance regarding upgrades is just one aspect of a contract. You would also benefit from: timely breakdown cover, regular servicing, and even discounts on products. For more information, please get in touch.

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