Introducing the PolyMat EX spray booth filter

March 16, 2020

Following years of extensive research and development, trials, and countless stages of live testing with Key Customers such as Direct Line Group, Rye St. Group and Northern Accident Repair Group, we are proud to announce the arrival of PolyMat EX, the spraybooth filter that is set to change the spray booth industry for the better.

What is the PolyMat EX spray booth filter?

PolyMat EX is the answer to every spray booth filter bugbear. From the bothersome job of replacing traditional fibreglass filters (we all know how itchy and irritating they can be) to the end of life costs of disposing of your used spray booth filters; we’ve launched PolyMat EX as a way to streamline processes in your spray booth and improve efficiency. Most of all, we’ve launched PolyMat EX to save you time and money. 

Here’s how our new spray booth filter will make that happen.

PolyMat EX will boost efficiency

Unlike traditional fibreglass filters, PolyMat EX is made from recycled synthetic fibres specifically designed to allow air to pass through while holding more paint particles . Holding finer paint particles rather than letting them through into the booth air handling plant (which then inevitably damages the internal mechanisms of your equipment, such as fans and dampers) reduces life costs/repairs of your valuable spray booth asset.

Rounds of rigorous testing consistently show that PolyMat EX is 60% below the current EPA legislation for overspray particulate discharge. For your business, this means: less money spent on repairs, more money saved from fewer downtime periods, and a longer life for equipment.

PolyMat EX makes spray booth filter handling much more pleasant

The issue lies with fibreglass itself and how difficult it is to handle. We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that fibreglass is a notoriously prickly, abrasive material. Because it’s so unpleasant to handle, that timely filter replacement is often put off until the very last minute.

PolyMat EX will change all this. Firstly, our new PolyMat filters can last over 60% longer than traditional filters, so you won’t need to replace them as often. Secondly, it’s easy to cut and even easier to lay down because it’s essentially a single filter doing the job of two.

The final cherry on the top is the total lack of irritation. Because PolyMat is made from safe and synthetic materials, it is a real departure from the fibreglass filters that we’re used to. We’re going to transform the job that nobody wants to do into just another item on your to-do list.

PolyMat EX will save you unnecessary waste

If you’ve been handed the unfortunate task of replacing your spray booth filter, it may feel that you do it all the time.  We know it’s not an easy job however, with PolyMat EX, you can drastically cut down the number of times you replace the filter. Our new innovation lasts up to 60% longer than traditional fibreglass filters, which means fewer filter changes and substantially less waste.

Think about it – the more often you have to replace spray booth filters, the more it costs in labour to change the filter and then responsibly dispose of it using skip hire. PolyMat EX looks after your bottom line, as well as the environment.

PolyMat EX will save you time and money

It all starts with how regularly you currently replace your filters.  Timely replacements can sometimes be neglected because it’s a difficult and labour-heavy job. The longer you leave filters in need of replacing, the quicker your equipment will degrade. This results in increased downtime while you fix equipment or eventually get round to replacing the filter itself.

Downtime is synonymous with lost profit. It’s simple: the longer your spray booth is out of use, the less business you’re able to take on. With PolyMat EX, we’ve found a way to significantly reduce filter change downtime. And, because the filters last longer than traditional fibreglass filters, you’ll be buying less of them so frequently.

Are you due a service? Try PolyMat EX

PolyMat EX is exclusively available to AGM contract service customers. We are currently only able to offer the new product to service customers. You can view PolyMat EX, and our complete range of filters, over on our Spray Booth Filters page.

If you have any questions about PolyMat EX, or our service/maintenance packages, please give us a call on 01706 363 585. Our sales team are also happy to chat on

Written by FireCask