Planting A Sapling

Taking Responsibility: A Pledge To Plant 2,300 Saplings in 2019

January 7, 2019

AGM Services have always taken a responsible approach to the environment and every reasonable effort is always made to minimise our impact on the environment. With climate change being a hot topic AGM have taken one step further and have pledged to plant 2,300 saplings in conjunction with the Woodlands Trust in 2019.

Trees Help Mitigate The Impact of Climate Change

The Forestry Commission actively encourages tree planting in both urban and rural areas to support the fight against climate change. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere improving air quality and helping to combat climate change. In addition, the root systems of the trees play an active role in protecting soil from erosion, reducing surface run-off and decreasing the risk of flooding.

AGM Services Aim To Promote Biodiversity

Neil Morrison, Managing Director, AGM Services commented. “We have always taken our impact on the environment seriously and tried to minimise our carbon footprint, but this is something that we feel that we can actively give back. We are hopeful that the carefully selected balance of native tree species will encourage the local wildlife and ecosystems as well as promoting biodiversity in the area.”

Choose An Environmentally Responsible Company

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Written by FireCask