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Wesley Young’s energy saving tips published in ABP Magazine

April 21, 2022

AGM Services’ Sales Director, Wesley Young, has been featured in the popular industry publication, ABP Magazine, where he has written an article giving advice on how bodyshops can reduce energy bills ​​during the current rise in prices. The article also covers how to take advantage of government tax incentives to try and further reduce energy costs. 

There are a number of ways in which businesses can reduce energy costs when operating spray booths and it has never been more important to address ways in which a business could be wasting money. With energy prices and inflation rising significantly, it is the perfect time for businesses to take stock of both spray booth machinery itself as well as certain processes, to make sure that there are no areas in which they could be wasting energy and therefore, money.

What the article covers

The article, which was published in the spring edition of the Auto Body Professional Magazine, covers simple techniques that spray booth operators can instantly put into practice, such as making sure to turn the spray booth off when it is not in use, turning lights off as well as a reminder that certain spray booths can be very fuel inefficient.

The article also highlights that, although many older spray booths may be fully functional in their current state, they may cost thousands of pounds more to run per year than more modern, more fuel efficient models. If you decide to make your spray booth more fuel efficient by upgrading its parts, or even replacing it entirely for a more fuel efficient model, you will be eligible for the Super Tax Deduction

With the current price rises in energy putting pressure on individuals and businesses alike to cut costs, these suggestions could be very useful for many spray booth operators to save money both in the long and short-term. 

You can find the full article here.

How we can help

While there are certain things you can do yourself to cut energy costs in your bodyshop, much of what can be done involves upgrading your equipment. AGM Services has upgrade options that will improve older equipment and make your bodyshop run in a more energy efficient manner. 

AGM Services is here for any spray booth service needs you may have and our spray booth engineers are placed all over the UK, so we can react quickly should you have an emergency. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Written by FireCask