Alton Cars use AGM’s Customer Information Portal

Alton Cars use AGM’s Customer Information Portal

August 8, 2016

Alton Cars is one of the UK’s largest network of vehicle repair centres with 10 sites across the UK. As a multi-award winning group Alton Cars are committed to providing first class vehicle repairs and hold leading insurer and manufacturer approvals.

AGM, the UK’s largest spraybooth aftercare provider, have been servicing spraybooths at Alton Cars Barnsley and York sites for a number of years. Following the recent acquisition of sites in Mansfield and Ashbourne AGM also carried out service and maintenance for the spraybooth equipment at the two new bodyshops. Alton Cars are looking to expand to further sites throughout 2016 and, based on their outstanding reputation, turned to AGM to ensure their spraybooths are running effectively and efficiently across all 10 sites. As a national service provider with 11 service centres across the UK, AGM can ensure that there is always an engineer on hand should the need arise.

AGM Customer Information Portal

As Alton Cars continue to grow throughout 2016 the need for suitable supply partners is obvious. Using AGMs Customer Information Portal, Alton Cars can access information on all their sites at the click of a mouse; including how an individual spraybooth is performing and when the next service is due. Their all-important legislative certification is held in one centralised location meaning auditors queries can be answered by simply logging in to the information portal and downloading the certificates. The reports it generates in seconds would normally take a bodyshop manager hours to produce and give a detailed overview of performance and status of individual spraybooths.

Wesley Young commented: “Since its launch the AGM Customer Information Portal has proven to be a big hit with customers, the information it holds is so much more valuable data than their paper equivalent. The customer information portal offers a streamlined approach to paperwork and certification.”

Effective, Reliable Spraybooth Services

As well as standard servicing and emergency breakdowns the contract with Alton cars encompasses all legislative testing requirements, including mist clearance and local exhaust ventilation testing to ensure the safety of their staff and the compliance of their equipment.

Tom Butterworth, Group Procurement Manager, Alton Cars: “We were keen to work with AGM as they have a reputation for conducting thorough services, speedy responses to breakdowns and accurate attention to legislative and auditing requirements. Having previous experience of AGM’s professionalism and after reviewing alternative service providers I’m more than happy to award the contract to AGM for the entire Alton Cars Group. The Customer Information Portal will be a very useful tool for the team and we look forward to working closely with AGM.”

Wesley Young continued: “I was delighted when Tom informed me we’d won the contract with Alton Cars. Following a number of recent contract renewals and an ever increasing customer base I am currently involved with setting up our 12th regional engineering base. Their appointment is part of an ongoing expansion plan aimed at offering customers unrivalled service and response times nationally, by reducing the size of the area covered by each engineer.”

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AGM offer a reliable and effective spraybooth repair and maintenance service. We have amassed a reputation for professionalism and for a high-level of service that we offer to all of our clients.

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