Breathing Air Quality Tests

Monitoring and maintaining a high quality of air is essential in confined environments such as a spray booth where air is supplied through a compressor. COSHH Legislation states that testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) should ideally be carried out at intervals not exceeding 3 months to ensure the quality of air is not compromised by pollutants.

You need to ensure a good air quality testing program is in place to protect staff.

What do we look for in our Breathing Air Quality Testing?

AGM Services can carry out breathing air quality tests both at the same time as your spray booth service and at set intervals between services where required. During the breathing air quality test, figures are produced for Oil Mist, Carbon Dioxide (CO²), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Water Vapour (H²O) using regularly calibrated equipment to ensure accuracy.

A Breathing Air Quality Certificate that adheres to BS EN12021 standards is supplied at the end of each test. Learn more about our Breathing Air Quality Test process here.

Reduce costs with our Legislative Testing Services

AGM Services can arrange an annual service program to cover all your Breathing Air Quality Test requirements. Setting up a breathing air quality test annual service plan greatly reduces costs and inconvenience on your behalf.

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