Mist Clearance Tests

Spray Booth Mist Clearance Testing

As most airborne paint mist is invisible, it is important that users of the spray booth know exactly how long it takes to clear isocyanate particles from the area. Spray booth clearance times should be displayed outside the booth to ensure engineers know when it is safe to re-enter, as exposure to high levels of isocyanate particles can lead to occupational asthma.

Ensure Your Paint Booth Adheres To Smoke Test Requirements

AGM Services provide spray booth mist clearance tests to ensure your equipment adheres to quality standards and COSHH legislation. The tests are easily carried out by an engineer who fills the spray booth with smoke and records the time it takes to clear. The AGM Services Engineer will place a notice on the outside of the spray booth at both the vehicle and personnel doors as a warning to painters and other personnel who may use the spray booth, that it is unsafe to re-enter without Personal Protective Equipment before the recorded time has lapsed. COSHH Legislation advises that these tests are carried out at 14 month intervals, and can be carried out at the time of your spray booth service.

Mist Clearance Testing Annual Service Contracts

Our service and maintenance packages include annual mist clearance testing to ensure your spray booth remains compliant and safe to use. An annual service plan also significantly reduces the cost and hassle of arranging all your mist clearance test.

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