How often should you have your spraybooth serviced?

January 26, 2020

Across all of our core service sectors (automotive, aerospace, industrial, and commercial), spray booths are put under varying levels of strain depending on how busy a time it is for your business.

Our servicing and maintenance packages take all this into account. The last thing you want is for production to stall, especially if there’s an issue with your spraybooth at a peak time for business. The thing is, no matter how well-made your spray booth may be, it will need to be serviced if you want to get the most out of a valuable asset over a long period of time.

But the question remains: how often should you have your spraybooth serviced? Regular checks are always a good idea. In fact, having your equipment checked regularly can even help to improve the performance and longevity of your spraybooth. Here are some tell-tale signs that your spraybooth needs a service.

Signs that you need to book in a service

As we said before, whether or not your spray booth needs to be serviced depends on how much work it’s put through and how well it is maintained between services. To ensure that you get your spray booth serviced at the right time, we’re going to highlight some of the common signs that may indicate you’re due a service.

1. Poor overspray clearance in the booth

When spraybooth filters need to be replaced, the airflow slows right down and forces the air handling plant to work harder. Of course, this not only increases drying times but it also puts the motor and (if fitted) variable speed drives under undue stress and strain, potentially adding to increased repair costs that could be avoided.

You will also notice that the overspray in the cabin won’t clear as quickly. This is because of reduced airflow. These fine paint particles can recirculate back into the fresh paintwork, increasing the need for polishing and re-works. Overspray also then accumulates on walls, light fittings and on furniture.

If you’re noticing overspray problems, you might be asking yourself “how often should spray booth filters be changed? Filter lifespan can vary from 100 – 250 running hours, depending on the type of spray booth and filters you are using. Read more about this in our spray booth filter replacement guide.

2. Spray booth not reaching temperature

The drop in airflow can also be attributed to blocked input filters. Most spray booths will have M5 classification filters, that will comfortably run for up to 1,000 running hours of typical use. As the filters gradually block the airflow through them reduces, resulting in lower temperatures. Over time, a build-up of overspray inside the plant may mean that the volume control dampers of fan units are not operating exactly as they should be, resulting in a drop-off in performance. Servicing the key components regularly ensures your spray booth continues to perform to its maximum potential.

3. Your legislative test certificates have expired!

Spray booth ovens are an ‘LEV system’, so they should have a thorough examination and test at intervals not exceeding 14 months. Gas appliances also have to be inspected annually under Gas Safe regulations.

Even if your spray booth hasn’t clocked 1,000 running hours in a 12 month period, we’d advise you at least have a plant inspection and legislative testing arranged.

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, we recommend you book a spraybooth service as soon as possible.

Book your spraybooth maintenance & service with us

If you think your spraybooth needs a maintenance check, our spray booth service engineers are here to help. Our knowledgeable team can retrofit and make crucial upgrades to your spraybooth equipment so that it performs to maximum capacity and efficiency. Our team can also help with emergency breakdown repair should you need it.

Contact us directly on 01706 363 585 or email to book your spraybooth maintenance check with a fully qualified AGM Services engineer.

Written by FireCask