DIY spraybooth maintenance checklist

February 12, 2020

If you have just taken ownership of a new spraybooth system, you’ll want to make sure you look after such a critical asset to your business. Servicing is vital to ensure the efficiency and safety of any machinery used in a commercial environment –  ensuring regular maintenance of your spray booth should be a high priority on your paint booth check sheet.

Fortunately, there are ways to maintain an optimum level of performance from your spraybooth while also extending its lifespan. In this blog, we’ve gathered together a few basic maintenance checks that you can apply to your system. With these checks, you will be able to catch any potential issues early on and put together your own paint booth check sheet in no time.

Minimum requirements for paint booths in the UK

By taking the above actions, you’ll be fulfilling the minimum requirements for paint booth maintenance in the UK. However, with an annual spray booth service courtesy of AGM Services, you could further drive your productivity and make your system even more energy-efficient.

Checks that should be in your daily routine

Before we get going, it should be noted that all spraybooths should be provided with an operating and maintenance manual from the manufacturer which will detail specific maintenance requirements. However, the basics for most spraybooths are generally the same.

Here are the maintenance checks that you should find time to do when you’re going about your weekly and monthly spraybooth inspections.

  • Unless your spraybooth has a completely grated floor, you should sweep the floor at the start and end of each day. Things can get really dusty in and around the booth area, as you’ll likely know!
  • Check and your spray booth filters when necessary. We recommend that exhaust filters are changed at regular intervals. Operating a spraybooth with clogged filters can increase the cost of operations, as well as reducing airflow in the booth, and compromising the quality of the paint finish.
  • Check your booth pressure and adjust it to ensure it’s running under negative pressure.
  • Make sure that the booth’s door seals are clean and intact. If they’re allowing even the slightest bit of outside air in, it could compromise the quality of the end product. Overspray can build up on the door seals which makes them less airtight – wipe the seals every now and then. If overspray is building up on the seals, it’s a sign that the filters may need changing. See our spray booth filters.

Spray booth checks that should be made periodically

Here are some maintenance checks that do not require daily upkeep, but should be made every now and again.

    • Replace the fan belts on your motors and then adjust them to the required tension.
    • Take a close look at the control panel and assess the timer settings as well as the temperature controls. Ensure that it all looks normal and that it’s set to your chosen settings.
    • Check how your light fixtures are doing. Look for any damaged glass or issues with wire connections.
    • You should also, periodically, ensure that all workers operating the spraybooth are fully trained on safety, cleanliness, and incident management.

Spraybooth Maintenance FAQs

How do you maintain a spray booth?

Maintain clean, tidy, and dust-free walls. Keep the floor clean to prevent overspray and unwanted particles from penetrating your fresh paintwork, resulting in fewer reworks.

How often should you clean a spray booth?

You should clean your spray booth on a regular basis to guarantee that you are operating in an optimal spraying environment.

How do you minimise dust in a spray booth?

This is readily accomplished by utilising dust containment poles to raise up plastic sheeting, adding air filters, and using a zip to create instant entry.

Get in touch for spray booth maintenance and servicing

The key to ensuring a long life for your spray booth and ancillary spray booth equipment is simply due care and attention, which you can achieve on a regular basis with our spraybooth maintenance checklist. Preventative maintenance is relatively straightforward and good in-house procedures between scheduled spray booth services will benefit your business long-term.

We have a range of maintenance and service packages, and our friendly team can talk you through exactly which options are best for you and your spray booth maintenance. With our regular spray booth serving, your spray booth could benefit from increased performance and longevity.

For more information, fill out our contact form here or call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01706 363 585.

Written by FireCask