Spray Booth Testing Services

July 2, 2015

To ensure that those working in a spray booth are not exposed to isocyanate, spraybooth breathing air quality tests must be carried out at regular intervals to determine how long it takes for the mist inside to dissipate making air safe to breathe. This essential breathing air testing prevents the development of occupational asthma in vehicle paint sprayers, whose risk of developing the condition is 80 percent higher than those in other industrial environments.

Spraybooth Breathing Air Quality Tests

AGM Services provide thorough spray booth breathing air quality tests and mist clearance tests to determine clearance times, which must then be displayed at the entrance of the spraybooth to ensure all engineers are aware of the clearance time.

We are fully equipped to provide a range of spray booth testing services to ensure all systems are working effectively, clearance times are up-to-date and that air quality is safe after a stated time. We provide the following spraybooth testing services in line with COSHH legislation:

  • Mist clearance tests
  • LEV testing
  • Breathing air quality tests
  • Stack emission monitoring

Annual Spraybooth Legislative Testing Packages

Our spraybooth engineers are fully qualified to provide all the above spray booth testing services and can create an annual package to ensure all tests are carried out on time while greatly reducing the cost to you at the same time. Certification is provided following each test.

To arrange a spraybooth test or enquire about an annual program please call the AGM Services team today on 01706 363585 or fill in our contact form to provide a few simple details about your spraybooth equipment and we’ll get back to you.

Written by FireCask