What is P601 testing and why we’re training our staff on it

February 17, 2020

Accredited by the British Occupational Hygiene Society, P601 provides training and a formal qualification in the competence and Thorough Examination and Testing (TE&T) of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. TE&T of LEV systems is required under COSHH legislation, with intervals not exceeding 14 months. While training within workshops can often be seen as something you can cut corners on, within this article you will quickly understand that P601 training is not only crucial for protecting worker health, it can also benefit your business.

But what are LEV systems?

LEV systems are Local Exhaust Ventilation systems, an engineering control system to reduce exposures to airborne contaminants such as dust, paint overspray, fumes, vapors or gases. Examples in the automotive industry are spraybooth ovens, dust extraction systems, paint mixing rooms, ventilated preparation benches, and gun cleaning rooms.

To ensure these systems function optimally and are not a health hazard to those working nearby, appropriate testing should be carried out regularly. To understand what testing your LEVs require, take a look at our Legislative Testing services page!

What are the P601 LEV course requirements?

To pass the P601 requirements under BOHS guidelines, candidates must:

    • Demonstrate a basic grasp of the measurement instruments, system components, and visualisation methods used for testing LEV equipment.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the mathematical calculations used in LEV testing.
    • Candidates must be familiar with the contents of HSG258: Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work.

How long does it take and what does it actually involve?

The process takes four days, which include two examinations followed by the completion of two written workplace reports.

How our P601 training helps your business

At the heart of P601 training is worker health, and the BOHS maintains that by promoting the science and information of occupational hygiene, all businesses with LEV systems can control and prevent health risks in the workplace. This means fewer illnesses in your company, increased wellbeing, and most importantly, the reduction of exposure to fatal illnesses.

If you are looking for fully-trained, expert engineers to service your spray booth, find your nearest spray booth engineers today!

All AGM Services’ engineers go through extensive in-house training, overseen by our qualified Technical Department, followed shortly after by sitting the P601 course and examinations.

P601 is a further guarantee of the competence of the company servicing and maintaining your spray booth oven and ancillary LEV systems. All too often we see poor practices approved by unqualified service companies that don’t fully understand the importance of safely controlling hazardous processes. AGM Services can put your mind at rest that your spray booth equipment is both in the best working condition but also safe to use for all your staff.

Although, if you do find yourself in the situation where you require emergency breakdown assistance, you can rely on AGM Services for a speedy and efficient response.

We can help with your wider legislative testing

Aside from your LEV tests, we can also assist you with a variety of other legislative tests, from breathing air quality tests to stack emission monitoring. Ensuring your testing is carried out in accordance with current legislation is vital for protecting both your employees and your business.All you need to do is get in touch, and we’ll handle the rest – simply fill in our quick contact form. Or, why not give us a call on 01706 363 585.

For sales enquiries, email us directly on sales@agm-services.co.uk.

Written by FireCask